Frequent Asked Questions

Frequent Ask Questions

1How To Add Business?
For adding a business you have to follow the following steps:-
1. Click on Add Place
2. If you are a new user Click on Register. If Returning then Login
3. If you have website please use same email for register your account.
4. After clicking on Register the popup window will be appearing for creating a Account.
5. Fill the details.
6. Click on Register.
7. After clicking on Register you will get email for account verification.
8. Verify your account.
9. Enter Listing Details.
9. Click on Submit Listing
2How long does it take to get my business listed in
Usually, Businesses are listed within 24 hour if submitted between Monday and Friday.
3Is that free listings?
Yes, It is Free.
4How can I contact with team ?
If you have any question you can send us email at